Abhijit Joshi


This page is devoted to games and game-like applications, mostly using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Drawing colorful pipes

This is a JavaScript application to draw colorful pipes. You control the movement of the growing pipe using control buttons and can stop the game using the stop button. I've avoided using the keyboard keys because I wanted to make this app work for desktop as well as touch screens.

Count balls using JavaScript

This application allows you to control the number of balls bouncing around inside a square container. You can add and subtract balls and pause and play the animation.

This has no collision rules, so a given ball can pass over other balls without being aware of their existence.

A game of paddle using JavaScript

This game is designed to be played on a desktop - with a good old keyboard.

The objective is to move the paddle at the bottom of the screen and not allow the bouncing ball to escape.

Catch the blue star game using JavaScript

Use the arrow keys to control the motion of the yellow space ship.

Catch the blue shooting star to get points, but don't fall into the black holes.

Watch out for the green glob monster!

BOTNIK: The benevolent bomber game using JavaScript

Use the left and right arrow keys to control the motion of the UFO.

Drop snow-bombs on the snow monsters and help them grow and escape.

accelerometer image

Test your accelerometer. Most smartphones have motion sensing hardware and all mobile browsers can talk with it.

HOLES game

This is a browser-based game that uses the built-in accelerometer on your device.

The objective is to tilt your device (phone/tablet/laptop) and guide the yellow ball to the flag.

Don't fall into the holes.

Simple stick figure animation

Have fun with Mr. Stick Man, a simple animation exercise using several layers in GIMP.

The idea is to assemble each and every scene in your frame as a sequence of layers.